Top Fashion Sites Catering to Plus/Tall Sizes

This is a site created by a friend and me and I wanted to share it with all of my followers! Perhaps a few of you may find it interesting.

I Want Fashion Too

Blair takes pride in offering their customers stylish and trendy apparel. We love looking through our Blair catalog with all of its hot colors and cool prints! I personally have ordered three items with them. Several years ago, I thought I would try them out for a bathing suit which I had to have. I can honestly say that this bathing suit was made out of high quality material and was highly durable, not to mention, attractive! I literally owned it for about eight years. I have finally retired it :(. I also bought from them more recently a long, sleek, light weight denim top jacket. I wear it almost constantly because it is so comfortable and I feel on top of my game in it! The third item I have been thrilled with from Blairs is my long, black, sensual, lingerie… I won’t say too much about how much…

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