One worth fighting for.

The softness of the summer breeze
quietly rustling the rosy leaves
rippling past the cool stream
carrying wishes from a child who believes.

The smell of sweetness in the air
gentle thoughts, wistful thoughts
gliding past the child there
a tiny giggle escapes.

Never ending peace
a hopeful plea from an innocent heart
a wish, floating through time
a figment of imagination, truth in part.

Do not dismiss that simple plea
did not the hearts we have, once hope?
take the time, stop to hear, stop to see
the sparkle in the eyes of one worth fighting for.


6 thoughts on “One worth fighting for.

  1. This is so lovely! it reads so well and upbeat with many references to a child…giggles…wishes from a child who believes. We all love to go back to that and how we treasure our children’s glow

  2. As soon as I read this I related it to my own relationship with my mother She had experienced great pain as a young child and as she grew into a woman and had a family of her own she very much struggled. She found it difficult to be there for us suffering from alcoholism and Prescription drug addiction. She did the very best she could and on reflection I consider her to be an amazing women who taught me many things….

    However, we had to grow up very fast, learning about things children should not need to learn about. This removed that innocence on some levels and stole ‘sparkle’ in our eyes.

    I think that many parents who were abused as young children experience difficulties allowing their own children to experience the delight you have shared here. Something to aspire to and work towards I think.

    Beautifully written and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Miss Lou

    • I am glad you like it so much. My mother also experienced great pain as a child and she fought to keep that sparkle in my eyes. Your story has touched my heart and has made me see my own poem in a new light. I thank you for taking the time to share your story with me and feel free to talk with me anytime. I look forward to checking out your blog when I get home. Thank you very much!

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