Secrets in the wind

A subtle sound
a soft breath
a voice

It circles round
and stands it’s ground
between life and death
A reason to rejoice.

A never ending symphony
a chorus, living tales
a story

It brings a certain.. epiphany
the secrets of the world unveils.
a symbol of strength…Of glory!

Certain aspects, simple elements
the earth embraces all lost
The wind betrays all secrets
Fire and water, the endless battle

The broken man does lament
Battle earth with frost
Whisper in the wind–
Hide, in the shadows, No! The Thickets.
The scorching flame, extinguishing tide, flee, avoid the merciless war–
Take up your steed, the one of speed, the harness and the saddle
And ride dear one, Oh ride, from this everlasting conflict.

Meet me by the oak tree
near the stream
and past the living wood
I’ll see you at the crossing, Do hurry now my love.

The sun shall fade to sleep, and we shall sit and see
The marvelous world we live in, our own personal dream
I wish to dance for many lifetimes, If you dance, we could
Rest now, our secrets are safe, for they rest upon a dove.


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