The Thorns of Simplicity

Simplicity, the world’s basis;
Is it merely the opposite of complexity?
Simplicity is overestimated.

We believe we simplify everything around us.
Why? Why must we remove the intricacy of it all?
Humans, capable of creating such elaborate works of art.

We believe in the “idea” of simplifying, all.
Life is so complex it is not simple.
What will spark curiosity? What will inspire creativity?

The thorns of simplicity tighten forcing us to fall.
Constricting creativity, suffocating curiosity;
Yearning to prevent any form of imagination from inspiring creation.

Shatter the thorns of simplicity
Fight for creativity, curiosity, and imagination.
Be human, be free, and be real.

Embrace your originality.
You are unique and special.
Be inquisitive, you are able.


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