The lonely creature.

The light reflects off of its face with a gleaming shimmer that can only be expressed as the released concoction of sunlight and moonlight with the glow of fireflies and the warmth of a candle in a dark room.

Yet there is a darkness in which it hides, peeking its eye out to glance at the world in which it does not belong. To glance at the hopeful surroundings in which it will never belong. To listen to the laughter it will never have. To listen to the subtle hum of people bumbling about, accomplishing tasks that it will never have.

There is no solace in the darkness yet no joy in the light. Alone in the dark. Alone in the light. Alone in the peaceful morning. Alone in the ravaging night. Alone in a crowd. Alone when alone.

It is a lonely creature in a lonely world. It is a lonely creature in a painful world. It is alone but perhaps it is better this way.



A simple person standing there.

A simple person, a simple stare.


No oddities or quirks.

No achievements nor ingenious works. 


A grey suit, grey tie.

Grey socks, knee high.


Red flashes of satin sashes.

A fragment of life in a field of ashes.


A whisper here, a smile there.

She has broke the endless stare.


Her name, imagination.

Her goal, transformation.


Her warmth has melted the frozen frown.

Her presence lifts up the man, once down.


“Be free” she whispers subtly. 

“Embrace imagination and live, happily”.


Grey to blue and grey to red.

Color filled the man, once dead.


The absent stares fade.

A loving gaze instead was made.


A tiny spark of imagination

An everlasting mark




Top Fashion Sites Catering to Plus/Tall Sizes

This is a site created by a friend and me and I wanted to share it with all of my followers! Perhaps a few of you may find it interesting.

I Want Fashion Too

Blair takes pride in offering their customers stylish and trendy apparel. We love looking through our Blair catalog with all of its hot colors and cool prints! I personally have ordered three items with them. Several years ago, I thought I would try them out for a bathing suit which I had to have. I can honestly say that this bathing suit was made out of high quality material and was highly durable, not to mention, attractive! I literally owned it for about eight years. I have finally retired it :(. I also bought from them more recently a long, sleek, light weight denim top jacket. I wear it almost constantly because it is so comfortable and I feel on top of my game in it! The third item I have been thrilled with from Blairs is my long, black, sensual, lingerie… I won’t say too much about how much…

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Sample of Book of Eon.

This is a rough draft and is a portion of the first chapter. I said I would do a teaser on Monday but I cannot wait any longer! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it and I will add another piece soon.

My name is Aeona… This is my story.
I was born in Kelyster, A large kingdom off the coast of The Rolling Sea. I was born into royalty. My father is king and my mother is queen. I am the first born child. I have one brother and no sisters. It is me and only me now though; my brother was killed by bandits many years ago. I am very close to my father, more so than with my mother. I also am called Eon, it is said E-on. I think it suits me well.

My mother wants me to be more of a lady, I am not a lady. I prefer to be called a rogue or an adventurer. I am as much a man as any other, and I demand to be treated as so. I refuse to wear dresses. I would prefer to wear leather pants and a white linen shirt and a leather vest. This is my wardrobe as often as I can wear it.

As for what I do on the days of the week, I spend my time with the people of the kingdom. I take most of the food delivered by horse to the castle and give it out to those in need. I do this on the first day and second day of the week. The royal family eats as if we were just like them. I do not believe a kingdom should thrive on the backs of the less fortunate so I have made it my goal to make the citizens of Kelyster “feel” like royalty. To me they are royalty.

On the third day of the week I take freshly sewn linen garments to the citizens as well. As for the children, there is a special place in my heart for them. They adore me and I adore them. I take them leather clothes with silk linings, just as I wear. They love it and you should see the smiles upon their faces.

The fourth day of the week is the day I ride my horse, Rook, and I also tend to talk with the stable workers. My horse is the most magnificent creature I have ever seen. He is almost pure black, he has a white dot on the side of his face; no bigger than the tip of my smallest finger. His mane and tail are pure white and are softer than the average horse hair. It flows like silk and feels like it as well. I could never ask for a more loyal, trustworthy, or beautiful horse.

On the fifth day of the week I go hunting, I do not hunt for animals to kill. I hunt for injured animals to take home and protect. I will not willingly harm any creature, I will however, heal. I have a natural gift for healing; I can also feel the pain of others. I use these gifts to find wounded creatures, humans, or any other beings and heal them. I feel a sense of euphoria after healing. Since I was a child my wounds have healed within hours. When I was 6 I cut my arm on a jagged rock it bled something awful. Yet within an hour it had fully healed and had left no evidence of a wound at all, not even a scar or scratch.

On the sixth day of the week I explore. I explore the rivers and find beautiful stones to give to the children. It is my day to be with nature and just breathe in every single smell of the woods. I can touch everything there is to touch in the river. I can feel the emotions of the nature. This is the day where I nourish myself and the nature around me.

On the last day of the week I wear a silk shirt with a silk pair of leggings topped with a simple crown. I do this because the last day of the week is the day I dine with the lords and ladies of the other human kingdoms. I despise this day, a day where I am forced to be something I am not. I am a warrior, a hunter, an adventurer. I am not a “Lady of court” I am who I am, one with nature. There is nothing in the entire realm that could make me become one of “Those” ladies. I will always remain true to myself.

So, let me know what you think of the introduction! I do hope you enjoyed it; I have decided to document my life. You should visit Kelyster and I will add you to my story! There will always be a seat at our table for you! I truly miss you my dear friend. I will be riding out to Galion to see you in when the moon is full again; I will send you another message before I leave for Galion. I miss you so very much. I can’t wait until my story is finished. I doubt the book will ever have the same amazing adventures as the ones we read as we were little, yet life is full of surprises.

I hope to see you soon Azyra.
Your beloved friend, Eon

“Anyone else have a letter to send?”
“Oh no! Excuse me! Please I have to get through! Mathien! Wait, please!”
“Eon? Is that you?”
“Yes! Please wait! I need you… to take this to…Lady Azyra Flynn at…Galion Castle.” I barely managed to say through gasps for air.
“Aw, you know I would do anything for you!” Mathien replied with a grin and a wink.
“I know you would, and I’d do anything for you Mathien! You are my favorite messenger that ever lived!” I said over enthusiastically pretending to faint as I did, to add an even more dramatic scene I decided to fan my face with my hand. To others I may have LOOKED rather silly, but Mathien knew me well enough to know that I AM rather silly.
“Ha! Hand me the letter for I best be on my way. Perhaps when I return we could go out to the pond with the horses?” I could hear the hopefulness in his voice.
“I would love to! Travel safely!” I said as I watched him ride away.
Mathien is my closest friend in Kelyster. He always knows exactly what I need. Sometimes I wonder how he feels about me. I know he is always there. I can be myself around him. I worry for him when he leaves…

Thank you for reading! This is merely a sample and I will post another sample soon.

Fantasy Creatures.

Fantasy creatures. There is no use having a fantasy novel without them. In my fantasy novel I have many of these creatures and a few of my own creation. As my book is a work in progress I am still developing the story. I am looking to see what fantasy creatures are the favorites of those reading my blog. I will be doing polls every once in a while to get to know my viewers a bit. I am choosing the most popular creature to form a story around. Perhaps you will see your favorite creature in my book.

Feel free to comment as well!

Why do you like fantasy?

I have been asked this question many times.

Honestly? it is because anything can happen. There are very few if any boundaries to fantasy worlds. It is so different than the world we live in. I like the idea of being able to escape reality and live in another world. There are so many things that can be done in fantasy that cannot be done in reality.

Fantasy creatures.

The concept of fantasy creatures is amazing. That there are creatures with abilities unlike ours as humans.
Reality is full of limitations. Fantasy worlds are full of freedom.
Reality is no place for dragons or faeries. However Fantasy is.


Many fantasy books I have read have a hero. Someone with a strong will to do the right thing. Someone trying to “Save the world” for lack of a better term. This hero tends to fight for the good (Sometimes questionably). However there is also an aspect of good in this hero. I also see a lot of companionship. The hero tends to not travel alone for the entire journey.

Now look at reality. There seem to be less heroes in reality. When I read fantasy novels and see a good hero, it makes me want to be a hero in reality. I am writing my book because I want to inspire others. From inspiration comes change, reality could use some change.


Fantasy is much like a spy. Into the hearts and minds of its readers. It makes them think in a way that is interesting. It teaches the reader so much, and many do not even realize they are learning. I believe that reality could learn a thing or two from the fantasy worlds.


My response to the question, “Why do you like fantasy?” is simple.

Why do you like reality?