Why do you like fantasy?

I have been asked this question many times.

Honestly? it is because anything can happen. There are very few if any boundaries to fantasy worlds. It is so different than the world we live in. I like the idea of being able to escape reality and live in another world. There are so many things that can be done in fantasy that cannot be done in reality.

Fantasy creatures.

The concept of fantasy creatures is amazing. That there are creatures with abilities unlike ours as humans.
Reality is full of limitations. Fantasy worlds are full of freedom.
Reality is no place for dragons or faeries. However Fantasy is.


Many fantasy books I have read have a hero. Someone with a strong will to do the right thing. Someone trying to “Save the world” for lack of a better term. This hero tends to fight for the good (Sometimes questionably). However there is also an aspect of good in this hero. I also see a lot of companionship. The hero tends to not travel alone for the entire journey.

Now look at reality. There seem to be less heroes in reality. When I read fantasy novels and see a good hero, it makes me want to be a hero in reality. I am writing my book because I want to inspire others. From inspiration comes change, reality could use some change.


Fantasy is much like a spy. Into the hearts and minds of its readers. It makes them think in a way that is interesting. It teaches the reader so much, and many do not even realize they are learning. I believe that reality could learn a thing or two from the fantasy worlds.


My response to the question, “Why do you like fantasy?” is simple.

Why do you like reality?


2 thoughts on “Why do you like fantasy?

  1. Aelyse, I do enjoy fantasy much more than reality as well. I think that fantasy can teach the hearts of readers in ways that other learning may not. Much is to be learned from fantasy novels. You are on to a great thing here and I encourage you to continue writing with the “secret” knowledge that we authors have.

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