The Saving Flame


The fire burning in our hearts
Living, breathing, scorching fire
With a spark this fire starts
Corruptions fate becomes so very dire.

Burning truth into our lies
Fighting, Stinging, dancing fire
Hiding in a mask of night, deceit flees from its inevitable demise
The flames consume all evil desire.

Renewing life while flames dart
Flashing, flowing, precious fire
Replacing icy molds with warm beating hearts
Thus the love flows all due to the pyre.

Once frozen hearts, have thawed
Evil and corruptions fade
Renewing hope and love reborn, unflawed
A change in humanity has now been made.

A dramatic renewal now complete
Constant fire burns within
Reminding us of what we defeat and
That the road we walk is thin.

We are a living memory of what once was
We are the small spark of fire
Yearning to be free, yearning to spread to the souls of many, it does.
We are now what we once did admire, the saving flame in our hearts.


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